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Promise Magazine: Dress design by Chenca Williams

We just can't get over this dress design by Chenca Williams, of Ritva Westenius. The epitome of understated elegance, it's a masterpiece in textured tulle and Italian silk . The Swarovski Crystal details around the bodice and sleeves (hand beaded by Chenca herself!) give it the perfect glamorous edge, without being 'bling'. More textured tulle is used to intricately detail the train, creating a gown that is elegantly proportioned and expertly cut. Chenca’s designs are passionate, glamorous and inspired by movement following her 25 years as Principal Dancer in the Royal Ballet. PROMISE was thrilled to talk to Chenca about her design for Claire.

“Claire told me she was not a ‘girly- girl’ when I first met her, but I have to say she looks utterly gorgeous in a full-length dress. I think I was the last person they came to, and I was relieved to understand that my designs were completely different to anywhere else. This is a must if one is designing one’s own label, otherwise what’s the point?

I always listen to my brides, so after trying on a few designs here I knew what Claire was trying to achieve, and boy did we achieve it, and more! We wanted to attain fluidity and elegance, yet still make the most of Claire’s fabulous figure.

We started by making a toile of the top to make certain of the height and line of the bodice fit her shape perfectly – we don’t do ‘spillage’ here! Then we started the fitting process. We started 8 weeks ago, and it can take between 3 and 6 sessions so we were lucky it was half term at the time! Claire wanted more fluidity in the skirt, which we attained over the process, but she was absolutely lovely trusting me with design of the bodice and the beautiful detachable sleeves.

Every one of my brides is special on her wedding day, but I have really enjoyed the whole experience working with Claire and her fabulous mother Lindsey, they are truly lovely people. It has been a been a very enjoyable creative process for myself, and I thank Claire for putting her trust in me. I will have to launch the new RW 2017 design called “Claire” in her honour! I wish Claire continued happiness in the future.”

Promise Magazine: Dress design by Chenca Williams

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