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Star Makeup artist Vickie Ellis was responsible for Lauren’s wedding day look. Vickie spoke to us about what she is doing for Lauren:

“Today for Lauren we used beautiful deep plums and browns to create a smokey eye, with gold accent colours to make her eyes pop. We then created a beautiful base to make her skin look flawless, and used highlighter to make her cheekbones really stand out. The look is finished off with a stunning set of false lashes and a pinky peach lip.”

Lauren’s bridesmaids are made up with warm golden and pink shades. The makeup artists focus on complexion, creating a dewy bronzed glow, and finishing the look with soft, peachy-golden eyes.

Vickie Ellis is one of the UK’s most sought-after makeup artists. Her work has a timeless, flawless sense of perfection and allure that attracts an A-list following. Vickie has worked on high octane fashion editorials with Colin Morgan, Eleanor Tomlinson, Katy McGrath and Jenny Agutter, and she is the go-to makeup artist for discerning brides who want to look and feel like a celluloid goddess on their big day. Vickie takes extraordinary care of her brides-to-be, and no detail, desire or request is too much trouble. Find Vickie’s work at

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